How three pages a day can keep the doctor away

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 9:39:35 AM

Why we shouldnt call midlife blues a crisis solutions for essays In the city of Thebes, where Antigone resided, there was no equality and definitely no unity because the king claimed to have the most power and the citizens of the city were not working for the good of the city, but for the good of the king. There were no specific classes amongst the citizens of teh country and males had the most power. Creon, the king of the city, stated that "while I am alive no woman shall rule" (Sophocles 181, line 535). This is clearly unjust and does not show equality. Because of this, when Antigone had wanted to give her brother a proper burial, who had died fighting his own brother, Creon had sentenced her to death for doing so. In Creon's city, "the man the city sets up in authority / must be obeyed in small thing and in just but also in their opposites" (Sophocles 187, line 666). And so Antigone, being a citizen of the city, needed to follow its rules. Antigone had just wanted to honor one of the last memebers of her family, so she buried her brother in the city anyway. Creon caught her in the act of burying her brother and was sent to jail because she went against the rules of the city. Antigone had every right to give her brother a proper burial because of her free will. A king should not have a say in these types of family matters. If the city of Thebes ran the same way as Socrates invision a "perfect" city should be ran, then the first thing to Why we shouldnt call midlife blues a crisis would be Creon because How three pages a day can keep the doctor away emphasizes equality of men and women--specifically within Burger King And Other Fast Food Restaurants To Pay For Your College class. No one person would have a higher authority than the other because they would believe tat the citizens of the city were born from the earth. Each citizen would then also be placed in a stage, according to what their occupation was in each of those stages. However, although Socrates states that everyone is indeed equal, there are always going to be people who are wealthier and have higher positions at their jobs. But at least this way no one pe.

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