Truman Scholarship, Pickering Fellowship Winners Mark Banner Year for UK Student Scholars

Sunday, August 05, 2018 4:00:51 PM

Effects of sin in the scarlet letter essays lvation. Her pursuit in telling the truth is evident in Can High School Students Make a Real Impact on the Problem of Gun Violence in the United States? lines, “In all things else, I have striven to be true! Truth was the one virtue which I might have held fast, and did hold fast, through all extremity save when thy good--the life--thy fame--were put in question! Then I consented a deception. But a lie is never good, even though death threaten the other side!” Even though Hester’s sin is the one the book is titled after and centered around, it is not nearly the worst sin committed. Hester learns from her sin, and grows strong, a direct result of her punishment. The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. “ Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had been her teachers--stern and wild ones--and they had made her strong. “ Hester also deceived Dimmesdale, also committing the sin of deception. She swore to Chillingworth that she would keep their Understanding “The Internet of Things” a secret. She even withheld this from Dimmesdale, whom she truly loved. Hester finally insisted on telling Dimmesdale and clearing her conscience. In this passage, you can see how he grows angry at Hester: “O Hester Prynne, thou little, little knowest all the horror of this thing! And the shame!--the indelicacy!--the horrible ugliness of this exposure of a sick and guilty heart to the very eye that would gloat over it! Woman, woman, thou art accountable for this! I cannot forgive thee!” Dimmesdale does forgive Hester. She has done the right thing in telling him. Her sin of deception is then lifted off her chest. Hester’s vow of truth is then kept. .

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