Clemson to play UNC Wilmington for hurricane relief game essay

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 5:23:44 PM

The concert essays The Concert I arrived at the spacious pavilion several hours before security even unlocked the gate to the entrance. As I waited outside, I got to know the other eager fans and the impatient security guards. Essay on Former coaches Les Miles and Steve Spurrier make friendly bet ahead of LSU vs. Florida what seemed like an eternity, an old and overworked security guard unlocked and opened the massive doors to entrance of the pavilion. Hundreds of fans rushed to the entrance as fast as wild horses in a stampede. I quickly ran past all the food and merchandise stands, begging for my attention and Bavarian CSU considers breaking up with Merkels CDU: paper my seat without any hesitation. To my surprise I had front row center seats, the best seats in the entire pavilion. A familiar CD began playing over the intercom system. After the second or third hour of listening to the to it, the CD became very monotonous. Finally the band I have been waiting on all day took the stage, Everclear. I felt a wave of different emotions rush through my body as my favorite band began to play. I felt the audience push forward with extreme force as Everclear began to play. I felt the bar of the barrier jolting into my stomach as the crowd pushed forward more and more with every beat of each song. The deafening screams hurt my ears, but I did not let this stop me from enjoying every note from every song. Everyone around me was moshing and crowd surfing. I was constantly being pushed and kicked. The smell of beer, sweat, and cigarettes was evident in the air every time I 20 essential iPhone, iPad apps for college students to take a deep breath of fresh air. The lead singer then began asking the audience who wanted to come up on stage and dance with them. I silently prayed to myself that out of the endless audience he would pick me. As I watched him survey the audience, his finger stopped in my direction. He told the security guard that he wanted me on stage. Nervousness and apprehension filled my body as I was carried on to the stage. When I look across the audience for the first time, seeing thousands of the screaming fans. .

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