Essay writing How to Lower Your Stock-Market Risk Ahead of the Election

Sunday, August 19, 2018 2:42:31 AM

Representation of truth- front essays In my opinion Frontline is a satirical expose of current affair programs. The way in which truth is expressed in Frontline reminds me somewhat of the game Chinese Whispers. It starts off as a fact, then manipulated, then edited and then spoken out loud to make the audiences believe that what they are hearing is the truth when in actual fact it has past through various people and film techniques to produce essay writing How to Lower Your Stock-Market Risk Ahead of the Election misconstrued “truth” that deceives the audience. This can be intentional distortion of truth or a naive misunderstanding. Brian Thompson, executive producer, chooses what stories to run and what angle and spin to put on them to add interest to get higher ratings. For example in We Ain’t Got Dames, Mike Moore, the presenter, wants to do a story on sweatshops, Brian Thompson at first says no to Mike Moore suggestions but then with the persistence of Mike Moore, Brian Thompson agrees to cover the story as long as he has the editing rights. What eventually goes to air is more of a “fashion show” rather than hitting on the below award pay in the textile industry issues that Mike had intended to be exposed. There is another example of my concept where in Add Sex and Stir where Brooke Vandenburg, a reporter, interviews a netball player and then after the interview she films questions that were not in the interview, they are then edited into the interview to make the netball player say things that she hadn’t for example: Brooke Vandenburg: “Alison, how many of the girls are gay?” (Edited question) Netball player: “um, most of them” ORourke apologizes for 91 musical review comments about women answer for a totally essay topics Ryder Cup 2018: Tony Finau tee shot on par-3 16th question) Filming techniques, illusions and prompting all help and allow for the truth to be misconstrued allowing Frontline to get the final outcome and direction they intend for a story. I also think that image is another key role in the manipulation of truth. Mike Moore is shown as an intelligent, sophisticated, up to date with news man, this i.

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