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The mummy essays The door opened with a creak. A pungent smell assaulted his senses. It was so overpowering that it rendered him unable to breathe. Moments later, he managed to regain his senses. He slowly crept inside, and the rest followed suit. This was the tomb of the ancient Egyptian king, Masmura, which was situated in one of the sacred pyramids in Egypt. The team of experts had discovered the tomb and decided to unearth the secrets within. The corridor which they had entered was stuffy and dusty. Sebastian, the leader of the enthusiastic team, switched on his torch and continued his way. The rest did the essay topics Arrest made in shooting death of college basketball player corridor was very narrow, with only two people able to walk in a row. Soon, they reached the end, where a bunch of small rocks intercepted them. The rocks were very heavy, and it took them minutes just to move them away. They moved into the next room, which was very dark and gloomy. Dark wooden coffins were laid nicely on the sides. The team moved cautiously to one of them and opened it. The small of rotting flesh overpowered their senses. A few of the team members became giddy with nausea. When the dust from the coffin finally settled, they looked in. Lying on his back was a mummified corpse. The hands of the corpse were slightly raised, with fingers stretching out. "These must be the corpses of the prisoners who had offended the king," observed Sebastian, breaking the eerie silence that had enveloped them from the start of the journey. essay topics Arrest made in shooting death of college basketball player look at their hands. They had been desperate to get out." One of the younger team members reached out his hand to touch the corpse, but Sebastian stopped him in time. "Hey! Don't touch the corpse! Don't you remember? Touching the dreaded corpse will either bring you bad karma, or," Sebastian paused for a while, then continued. "Or bring it back to life." They carried on walking, looking at all the Egyptian drawing on the wall. After hours of exploring, they finally found .

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