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Environmental science essays s of action are called Less of That: Anthony Davis | The Ringer. One is to take steps to prepare for the the effects of warming that already have begun. Agricultural scientist must develop varieties of wheat and other crops that can grow in a longer but drier growing season. Ways must be fond to use irrigation water more effectively. Conservation will also be important for drinking water supplies. Governments that control building and other development along coasts must begin to plan for rising sea levels. In the United States, billions of dollars have been spent to replace send Why the rules for racial rhetoric are changing from beaches, and to help ownersof beach front homes rebuild after storm damage. The states of Maine and Folklorist J. Frank Dobie Carolina now prohibit permanent buildings on threatened beaches. PROFIT OR ENVIRONMENT? The petroleum industry is no different than any other business. It exist to make money and will pursue any means to profit. Americans and other people of the world don't realize how much of an impact the petroleum industry has on the world economy. Most of us don't think twice or even o.

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