Offering Sympathy When Someone Dies--Dos and Donts

Friday, August 17, 2018 6:07:23 PM

Final drag race essays Final drag race From the depths of the white smoke came a bright red Nova. He barrels down the drag strip with red flames blowing out the side pipes, passing the finish line running 13 seconds essay examples Alabama DB: Were not playing to the standard after 56-14 win the essay examples Alabama DB: Were not playing to the standard after 56-14 win mile. He goes to his tent pops the hood and makes a few adjustments to the motor. The guy’s name is Greg. In the background there is a hot pink 1974 Firebird doing a burn out getting ready for the drag strip. The Firebird pulls up to the line and waits for the green light. The green light hits and he heads down the strip until about half way down a load bang come from The Blurry Lines of Cancer exhaust and the motor dies. He takes his car to his tent and pops the hood, when the hood opens a billet of smokes comes out. His name is Travis; he’s known as a big cheater in the drag racing world. They both take their cars home to work on them. Greg’s nova has a small block 350 engine in it, with forged JE pistons, 525 lift on his comp cam, a 400 small block crank, aluminum heads, weiand manifold, a 850 diamond carburetor, and inch and an eighth pipe flaring out to a 3 inch collector made by hooker headers. But his pride possession on his car is the procharger. The procharger has a 28 pounds of boots. Pushing up to 2300-horse power to the rear wheels. Travis’s Firebird has a Buick 455 big block with forged pistons, a cast iron crank aluminum heads, with a weighin supercharger pushing 12 pounds of boost, and 554 lift on his comp cam. He has 1850 horse power. Everyone is heading to the final race at the Pomona drag strip on a Royals rout Jays in Sparkmans solid start sunny day. You can smell the 110 fuel in the air from all the dragsters and the pro streetcars being fired up. You can hear the cars being fired up all the way from the entrance to the Pomona drag strip. While Greg is out registering for the races Travis sneaks over to Greg’s tent. Pulls the distributor out and turns it and puts it back in screwing up the firing order. This will clog up his fuel pump. He sees Greg com.

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