Hayley Williams Essay About Mental Health Emphasizes The Importance Of Self-Expression

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 3:45:27 PM

Mia thermophosus essays Summer Reading Project Mia Thermopolis is just your average teenage girl, when one day out of the blue her grandmere tells her that she is a princess. Mia’s life dramatically changes! Mia has a best friend named Lilly; Lilly has an older brother named Michael. Mia secretly has a crush on him. But she can’t tell Lilly because she has a really big mouth and will tell EVERYONE! In the mean time, Mia has been getting “love letters” from some mysterious person that wont tell her who say doctors is…. She calls him Jo-C-Rox because that is his screen name and he talks to her on it, Mia hopes and believes at (some point) that its Michael. Mia’s dad has a friend named Beverly Bellerieve, she works on a talk show called 24/7 and one day Mia got to be on it. But everything went wrong Beverly asked her a question and Mia took it the wrong way, she thought she was talking about Executive Coordinator job with University of Maryland University College | 39131315 mom being pregnant and getting married…that was the first mistake. The second was Mia told her that her G&T teacher was never in the room and they could do whatever they wanted. (Now remember this is on national television.) Mia just wanted to hide so no one could see her. She felt so bad. So Chronic fatigue IS a real and serious disease mom is pregnant by (coincidently) Mia’s algebra teacher, they want to get married in city hall, when grandmere finds out, she of coarse wants to have a HUGE wedding with John Tesh, Martha Stewart, and famous models and such! Mia’s maternal grandparents come in town for the wedding and bring along their grandson Hank. They want Mia to take him to school with her. So the next day Hank goes to school with Mia, all the girls think he is so cute, so the next day Lilly and Hank are missing…come to find out Lilly took Hank to meet a model agent friend of hers. Hank becomes a model because of his good looks. It’s the day of the wedding and Mia cant seem to find her mom, so she calls her dad and says “Dad where’s mom” and he says “ you will.

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