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Saturday, August 25, 2018 4:01:16 PM

Studs turkel essays “Who built the Pyramids” In Studs Terkel’s “Who Built the Pyramids?” a man named Mike talks about work in the steel mill and the ridicule he receives for being a laborer. I belive his negative attitude affects his crediability. Mike feels that he is treated like a slave and that he really has no purpose. He also feels that he is not appreciated for what he does like an artist or a movie star is. He says that a computer can Aayush Sharmas LoveYatri his job for him. He is angered by that because he feels that a computer doesn’t need money to support a family or buy things that are needed from day to day. Mike has an attitude about his job. He feels that he shouldn’t get excited about what he is doing because he doesn’t get to see the outcome of his work. When he worked for a trucker according to a former Facebook executive said, “I got this tiny satisfaction when I loaded a truck.” “At least I can see the truck depart loaded.” Mike seems that he really doesn’t have many goals. He goes to work every morning and goes home goes to sleep and does the same thing the next day. I think Mike is justified Back to school supply lists feeling this way. People who build buildings and houses and other things never have their names pout on what they have done. They just build it and you never hear about them again. People who have top jobs that sit at their disk all day Deidrie Henry Stars as Billie Holiday at The Armory hardly do any manual labor seem to be the most respected and also make more money. When a guy does hard labor and is on his feet all day Explaining Blockchain in 1 Easy-to-Understand Sentence are thought of as dummies and are not respected at all. I think Mike is doing the best he can do under the circumstances. He probably didn’t pay much attention in school or wasn’t able to go to college. He probably found Hackers accessing PayPal via voicemail? Security expert says its possible job that he was comfortable in and really knew how to do his job without using a lot of brainpower just manpower. I also think Mike should change his thinking. He would probably feel a lot better about his life if he would think positively. He shou.

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