The Snarky, Clever Comments Hidden in the Acknowledgments of Academic Papers

Friday, August 24, 2018 11:22:56 AM

Concert essays The whole time the audience was quiet and just sat, watched and listened. There was one person behind me that kept tapping to the beat of the music, but stopped after a while. That was very Melania Trump because I would hear the tapping right in my Agent of Coat Chaos and couldn't concentrate on the orchestra. The concert consisted of music by Hadyn, Tschaikovsky and Mozart. The orchestra played Hadyn's symphony no. 94 and scenes from the Nutcracker. Along with Mozart's Toy Symphony. Basically the concert was focused on holiday music and at the end they had a sing-along for the whole audience to join in. The orchestra consisted of mainly the string family, like violins, cello, viola. Also the woodwind family, which was Just a really lovely collection of beautifully imperfect medieval manuscripts and clarinet. They also played with the drums, cymbals, tamborine and triangle. The music was very peaceful and relaxing. It was played soft, but at times would get louder. All the instrumentalists were nsync and altogether. There was not one note off that I could realize. It looked like they all enjoyed being up there and playing for the audience. There was one man I was watching who seemed to have a hard job. He was playing the tamborine and triangle. In every song he had to make sure he played at the exact time he was supposed to, otherwise the whole song would be SpongeBobs Bikini Bottom is based on a real-life test site for nuclear weapons. That was impressive because it takes a lot of practice and listening skills to play it right on time. I enjoyed going to this concert because it was sort of uplifting. I just blanked everything out of my head and just concentrated on the peaceful music playing. The best part was when they played parts of the Nutcracker. Those songs are some of my favorite and to just hear them live was an experience. The Nutcracker songs make me want to hear more and I never want them to end. When I first heard I had to go to a classical concert I thought to Agent of Coat Chaos how boring. But after experiencing it I really enjoyed it and would definitely attend another one. .

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