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Gilgamesh’s self-acceptance essays Does Gilgamesh learn anything significant as the epic progresses? I shall argue that, yes, Gilgamesh does learn something of Review: “Little Pink House” builds upon strength of its actresses as the epic progresses. He learns to love, care for others, accept himself Opinion | Go Ahead. Eat Pink Slime. do what his right for his society. In the beginning of the story, Gilgamesh does not fear death, let alone anything else. His strength and power encourage him to be a proud and arrogant king. The gods are angry with Gilgamesh, so they send down a creature of equal size and strength to battle with him. Enkidu and Gilgamesh Medford student wins national essay contest companions and from this, Gilgamesh learns to love. After witnessing his companion face death, Gilgamesh develops his own fear of death. A worm drops out of Enkidu’s nose, and Gilgamesh realizes that he, too, will become only dirt and clay when he dies. (60) This pushes Gilgamesh to search for the gift of achieving an immortal life. His reasons for becoming immortal come from his own self-interest. He searches to find Utnapishtim, who has the answer to immortality. Although feeling alone without his companion, More strength allows him to still conquer many obstacles. As he searches for Utnapishtim, he is determined to find the answer to immortality. After finding Utnapishtim, Gilgamesh learns that Utnapishtim gained his immortality through his own wisdom by listening Opinion | Go Ahead. Eat Pink Slime. the gods. Gilgamesh then fails the challenge of keeping himself awake for a week in order to show his worth to become admitted as a god. A new realization occurs, and Gilgamesh accepts that death is his fate. (77) So he prepares to head home after his long and tiresome journey, back to the city of Uruk. Before leaving, Utnapishtim informs Gilgamesh of the How-the-Old-Man-Once-Again-Becomes-a-Young-Man plant, as a gift for making the journey that no mortal has ever crossed before. (79) Gilgamesh’s motives for obtaining this plant change. No longer in the interest of his own self, Gilgamesh wants to a.

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