In Youth Is Suffering: Denton Welch and the Literature of Convalescence

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Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship Medical Scrubs Collection is dedicated to recognizing the individuals who go above and beyond to help others every day. To show our appreciation for Which He Is Legal hard working individuals, MSC has decided to Pay it Forward by creating an annual scholarship opportunity for students studying in any health or medical-related field. MSC’s scholarship will provide each applicant with a chance to win $1000 towards their college tuition by answering one question: The Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship will be awarded to the applicant with The Best Fiction Books Of 2017 winning submission for the thousand dollar question. When the deadline has passed, Medical Scrubs Collection judges will choose five to ten submissions that best fit the criteria for the MSC Scholarship question: What inspired you to pursue a career in helping others? The submissions of these finalists will be posted on Medical Scrubs Collection’s website, where voting will be open to the public. The final winner will be determined by a combination of judges' scores and the The Term Paper Artist of votes. Applicants for the Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship must meet the following criteria: Citizen of the United States or in possession of an Alien Registration Card Essay examples Macedonians vote on whether to change countrys name school senior or enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university Achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 Pursuing a degree in the medical field such as therapy, nursing, medicine, nutrition, laboratory science, dentistry, etc. Although all students with the above criteria are welcome to apply for this scholarship, preference will be given to students with a physical disability. Your submission should tell us what inspired you to pursue a degree in the medical field. Submissions should be your own unique work and cannot be published anywhere else online. You may choose to complete one of the following projects: Writing - up to 500 words (relevant pictures may be included) Image - up to 8.5” x 11”, along with a short description. Finalists will be chosen by Medical Scrubs Collection judges and notified after the submission deadline has passed. If your submission was chosen as one of our finalists, be sure to reach out to your family, friends and social media contacts and ask them to come to this page and vote for your submission. All projects must be received no later than December 15, 2018 by midnight Eastern Standard Time. Submissions will be judged on content, creativity and quality of work. Submissions containing grammatical or spelling errors, or any inappropriate language or content may not be considered. Medical Scrubs Collection reserves the right to publish any submissions, including, but not limited to, the winning submissions. There is no application form from Medical Scrubs Collection; all you need to send in is your project, a high school or college transcript, and the information listed below. Your application, transcript and information which can be sent either by mail or by email. If you choose to send in your writing or image via mail, please In Youth Is Suffering: Denton Welch and the Literature of Convalescence a digital copy of your project in case we decide to post your work. Please do not send any other documents such as letters of recommendation, resumes, CVs, etc. MEDICAL SCRUBS COLLECTION Attn: Scholarship Department 1665 Corporate Road West Lakewood, NJ 08701. Your submission A copy of your high school or college transcript Your full name Your date of birth Your email address Your phone number Medical field you are pursuing. Congratulations to Alli Schlosser, the winner of the Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship 2017! The Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship committee wishes her much success with her studies as she works toward a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her winning submission, as well as the submissions of our other finalists for 2017, can be viewed below. Times of trial throughout life allow a person to learn the most about themselves. The biggest trial in my life helped me determine the career I want to pursue. During a soccer game my junior year of high school, I felt an excruciatingly painful pop in my knee. Numerous doctors appointments following my injury determined that I had torn my ACL, and I was sent in to have surgery on my injured knee. A day following surgery, I anxiously went to my first physical therapy appointment. My nerves were instantly calmed when the therapist assured me that life would be back to normal before I knew it. She helped me recover completely and come back to soccer stronger than I was before. I could not have gotten through what I consider some of the worst moments in my life without the help of my physical therapist always encouraging and inspiring me. Not only is it important to have physical therapy but also psychological therapy. Having a serious injury that involves much recovery can be devastating and difficult at times. I would often catch myself feeling discouraged and worried about trying to make a complete recovery for the next soccer season. However, my physical therapist encouraged and inspired me through it all. Each session she would reassure me that I was Why You Need a Strategic IT Roadmap the road to a great recovery and essay on College football scores, schedule, games today: Oregon, USC battling Pac-12 foes this would make me stronger than ever. Going through many strenuous weeks of physical therapy helped me come to a conclusion as to what career I wanted to pursue. I want to be able to help injured athletes going through the toughest times of their athletic career by helping the athlete recover through physical therapy. After graduating with my intended major in exercise science, my goal is to go on to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Seeing how much my therapist helped, encouraged, and strengthened me inspired me to want to do the same for other athletes and Physics makes rules, evolution rolls the dice with disabilities. Tearing my ACL may have been a painful and trying experience, but it lead me to the realization of the career I want to pursue in life. At a recent soccer game, I felt another pop in my knee followed by raging pain. Instantly, I knew I had retorn my ACL. Devastating set in as I realized my high school soccer career was over. Once again, I will have to go through another surgery and months of recovering through physical therapy. Essay writing Senate approves bill that would regulate airline seat sizes, this time around I am not worried about my recovery. My past experience with physical therapy left such a positive impact on me, and I know my physical therapist will once again do everything she can to help me make another full recovery. As someone who does not know me looking in on my life, they might see just a normal African-American girl. However I am far from normal, for starters I am Transracially adopted. Meaning that me and my parents look nothing alike and people often question if I am biologically related to them all the time. Another thing that makes me stand out is that I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, a genetic blood disorder that causes pain and complications all throughout life. My parents knew this going into the adoption and thankfully followed through. Throughout my life I have struggled with Sickle Cell and its varying complications. From minor pain to full on pain crisis, Sickle Cell constantly reminds me that it is ever so present in my life. Recently I have had problems with my blood volume and keeping it at a stale level. My hematocrit levels keep dropping to dangerously low levels, leaving me feeling dizzy light headed and fatigue. Lucky my team of Hematologists and nurses have been on top of trying to find a solution to this never ending problem. We’ve came up with having blood transfusions every month about a year ago when this all started. In the beginning of this I dreaded going to the hospital for a multitude of reasons, like missing schools, or the hospital time or just the simple fact that these visits are constant reminders of my Sickle Cell. However my sulking to the hospital stopped when I meet a transfusion nurse named Jennifer. Jennifer and I just clicked immediately making my experience at the hospital a little less gloomy and a whole lot better. When drawing my blood we’ll The Snowman movie review about our common interest like Tv shows, books and our shared interest in 90’s rap music. Jennifer truly makes my hospital experience better. I want to join the medical field so I can be like Jennifer for another kid. My goal is to become a pediatric nurse in the hematology clinic at Children's Hospital. I am positive that my appreciation for nurses comes from all of the hospital visits and overnight stays that I have had myself. I remember being 12 and knowing that I wanted to be in the medical field, however back then I had not figured out for what. So every time I went into the hospital I watched the nurses, doctors and everyone else, so I could get a sense of what I wanted to do in the future. Around the age of 15 after I had collected all of my data, I decided that I wanted to be a nurse, Drug Czar Promises Objective and Dispassionate Research on Marijuana Legalization nurses are the ones that truly make a difference. Hopefully in the future, I will make a difference for someone. I found my passion for becoming a nurse on a mission trip in Mexico. To begin, every year my church goes down to Mexico to help at a church plant. Sometimes when we go down we are working on the church and making their meeting place more comfortable, while other times we are serving the community by working to clean up and paint houses. While we are down there we stay in houses and last year one of the houses on the other side of the street blew up. Apparently, there was a gas leak in the house and at about 1:14 am on New Year’s Day the house collapsed. It was so scary. I was sleeping in the living room and when the explosion happened, the door was blown open by the force. All of us poured out of the house, having no clue what was happening. All the youth on the trip were so scared because all we saw was a fire and a collapsed building. Then, while our leaders were telling us to get back, we could hear people in pain, yelling for help. It was so hard to stand TIMEs Instagram Photographer of 2017 and not be able to do anything. I felt so helpless and fearful of what would happen next. One of the leaders on the trip, Carol, was a nurse and she immediately jumped in to deliver first aid, until the ambulance came. Later, the couple who were trapped in the collapsed house came to our youth group to talk to us about what happened. The couple talked about what an impact the leader had on them. The husband talked about how calm and collected the leader was. They were so scared and my leader allowed them to feel safe. It was not the clinical skills or technical medical stuff she did that helped them most, but her calmness, in one of the scariest nights of their lives. This experience inspired me to want to become a nurse. I want to go to college and hone my skill, so essay topics SQUAT FOR CHANGE: Photo of dad and baby on floor sparks call for diaper-changing statio when the time comes I can help people. That youth leader did not know that 212 miles from home, at 1 o’clock in the morning, she would need to provide service to a random couple. However, she answered the call and did what she was trained to. My call may never be to save someone from a collapsed building or fire. My day may come in the form of being able to relate to a patient and provide a sense of security in their time of need. Additionally, I never want to be in a situation like the one I faced in Mexico, where there are people in need and I am unable to help them. I never want to feel that useless. To conclude, when I went on a mission trip to Mexico, seeing one of my leaders who is also a nurse, help a couple in need, inspired me to purse becoming a nurse. The young man looked fearful. . anxious. He was lying on the football field, holding his ankle, his eyes glassy with pain. He looked to me for comfort under the beaming stadium lights. It was in this moment that I knew, I had the power to make this a positive situation, ensuring the player was not afraid. After suffering many injuries while playing competitive volleyball, I was forced to give up the sport I loved during my sophomore year. When the school’s Athletic Trainer asked if I would be interested in joining the Sports Medicine Program, I jumped at the opportunity. Upon completing first aid and emergency response training, I soon found myself kneeling on the field comforting the young man and assessing his ankle. I was nervous, as this was my first football game as a student athletic trainer, but I felt well prepared for what I needed to do. The rest is history. I quickly learned during the next two years that I was passionate about the healing process. I always knew an occupation in healthcare interested me, but now I was positive. I want a challenging career, one that forces me to keep learning. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and make an impact on their everyday routine. In my high school classes I have excelled in Brexit is a rejection of globalisation variety of areas; from academics, to photography, to cooking. I was awarded a $3,500 scholarship my senior year to attend a Medical Careers Exploration Program at the local community college. In this program I have gathered a wealth of information regarding the many occupations available within the medical field. My great-grandmother was a nurse up until retirement, I will always remember the satisfaction she felt by helping people through her work. She worked a pediatric nurse, inspiring my hope to become a nurse midwife. My mom also works in a hospital and comes home every day confident with the fact that she has helped patients essay topics SQUAT FOR CHANGE: Photo of dad and baby on floor sparks call for diaper-changing statio receiving the best care possible. Both women are inspirations to my goals. I want to be a nurse because I believe I can contribute to someone’s day. Whether it is with a smile, a comforting word, or by providing the best care, I know I will do my utmost for each patient. I believe that becoming a nurse will fit in with my personality. I appreciate a challenge, I am energetic, loving, and I thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere. I look forward to continual learning opportunities, as I know that making a difference in someone’s life will be rewarding. I am a person with strong values, and a great respect for life. I feel compassion for the suffering and I am patient. I see nursing as the career that is meant for me. I believe that becoming a nurse will mean the difference between my making a living and making a life and I look forward to this challenge. This photo is the first time I ever wore scrubs, but definitely nowhere near my last time wearing them! I was a micro-preemie. My twin and I were born prematurely at 26 weeks and I weighed just 1pound and 13 ounces. While our start was very difficult for our family, my mom says that it was one of the most special journeys she and my dad have ever taken. Thanks to the care of the nurses and the neonatologists at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, I am now a 19 year old college student with a totally clean bill of health. The stories that my parents tell of our time in the hospital are the primary inspiration for my pursuit of a nursing career. Additionally, my mom has worked in Radiology at our hometown hospital for over 30 years and I have grown up around the health care setting. Since we were able to talk, my sister and I were volunteering at the hospital by appearing in marketing efforts and helping with community activities. In high school, I was fortunate enough to have a partial nursing education through a community college in our area. Our high school and the college have New Health Insurance Scheme Is Unscientific: Private Hospitals to Centre partnership r to offer college classes to high school students through a career academy. It was when I was arranging my schedule for my junior year that I decided to enroll in the Nursing program. I loved taking care of patients and found myself interested in different procedures and tasks that nurses are involved in. I felt like I essay on Trump administration pushes to relax fuel rules even as it predicts the Earth will get warm truly found my way and that this was definitely the career for me. I continued with academy through high school and took many of the required nursing courses as well as doing clinical time in local nursing homes. Working with the elderly is very rewarding and they have so much knowledge to offer regarding life experiences. I am enrolled in community college and taking classes to help build my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing while I wait to begin the Associates Degree Nursing Program in June of 2018. I have been accepted and all of my core education classes have been completed as well as some of my primary nursing courses. Once I complete the program at community college, I will then move on to complete my Bachelor’s Degree while I work as an RN. I feel that I owe a great deal to the doctors and nurses who cared for me and I want to pay that forward to help others through times of need with their health. I have had the pleasure of observing in the Surgical and Emergency Room areas as well. I find that those areas offer more of a challenge to me personally and feel that I may want to specialize in one of them. As I continue on with my education and embark on the path to my nursing career, I can’t help but think about those individuals that were there for my parents as well as my twin and I. I hope to be able to share the gift of service to others. I was inspired to pursue a career helping others because of events I had gone through in my life. Starting in my sophomore year in high school, I began passing out almost daily. With countless doctors and nurses visits we finally found the answer while at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. While in the cardiology unit, Dr. Webster and his Nurse Practitioner Jaclyn, ran test after test knowing it was a heart rhythms problem, but how they would go about fixing it was the question that had yet to be answered. After 10 days as an inpatient at Lurie Children’s in 2015, I was sent home on medication and with an implanted heart monitor. Much as I hoped this would solve my problems – it did not. However, it did allow my team to spot that I would have 10 second pauses between each heartbeat which is why the passing out spells were occurring. Come 2016, we decided the best course of action was to implant a pacemaker. After the surgery, I would not be allowed to do the one thing I loved the most- swim. This was heartbreaking for me, and my doctors and nurses knew the toll it was taking on me. Thankfully, with the support of those around me, I was able to put my energy into other things such as being accepted into a top nursing school and becoming the swim coach for special needs kids at my high school. I wanted to be the support for others in their tough time just as my medical staff and family had done for me. This year the symptoms from my past had all returned. Episodes of heart palpitations, syncope, and shakiness were back in full swing at full force. The doctors and nurses who were there from the start were once again by my side. Dr. Webster discovered the pacemaker had malfunctioned and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. Although this may sound like a simple procedure, it was not. What should have been one 2 hour procedure turned into two, six hour procedures because my heart was not cooperating with the removal of the old pacemaker and the implantation of the new one. This was frustrating for me as well as hard for my body to handle. As my family encouraged me to Nobel in Physics Goes to Perlmutter, Schmidt and Riess strong, so did the nurses and doctors taking care of me. In fact, Dr. Webster sat with my family through both of my surgeries and visited me with Jaclyn, his nurse practitioner, even though I was moved into an adult hospital. It is my experiences with these wonderful nurses and doctors who truly care about their patients that makes me want to be a nurse. I want to be the support for my patients and comfort them in their time of need like the nurses at Lurie's and Northwestern did for me. Above is a picture of me this fall in Northwestern Hospital. Medical Scrubs Collection is a nursing uniform store carrying a full selection of medical scrubs for men and women. We are committed to providing our customers with superb customer service and top quality medical wear at great, low prices. Check out some of our most popular brands today and start saving!

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