Physics makes rules, evolution rolls the dice

Friday, August 10, 2018 8:27:30 PM

World peace essays World War II was a horrific and tragic war all the whole world. Many lives around Physics makes rules world were taken to defend their countries beliefs and to strive for world peace. Many think that The Nanette problem war was inevitable, but I think it could have been prevented in many ways. First off we should have let go Highmark employees bring Christmas cheer to senior citizens | News isolationism much sooner. The European allies could have stood up to Hitler instead of appeasing him. The Treaty of Versailles killed Germany and put them in an economic spiral, which they could never recover from. We needed to look at the Japanese as a threat and not just worry about Hitler so much. We should of given up isolationism a lot sooner. It was understandable that we didn’t want to get involved because of what the people of our country thought but we would have to join the war sometime. We did not have get in the war right away but we could of helped the allies with weapons and send troops to help out. We should of taken action right away instead of letting Hitler build his forces up. We were Sports scared of losing lives that we didn’t even stop to think that maybe Hitler or some other country would come and try to take us over. We waited until Hitler was destroying the last and closest nation in Europe and that’s when we got involved. We should of made the treaty of Versailles Delhi University Day One: The fuchcha way harsh on the Germans. No matter how strongly they felt that Germany was to blame for the war they shouldn’t of broken Germany as a country like they did. The Treaty of Versailles blamed the whole war on Germany and demanded that they weaken Jobs army, give up territory, and pay reparations for the war. The country was already in economic hurt and this caused great shame and economic struggle on Germany. If the Treaty of Versailles was not so harsh then perhaps the Germans would have a chance to get their economy back on track. They would have not only the money and resources but the pride to be a striving nation. Instead many turned.

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