The chasm between Duterte and PNoy

Friday, August 24, 2018 10:01:20 AM

Living intensely essays I remember growing up watching my dad don the military greens. Consisting of combat boots, camouflage pants, and the matching coat with the camo hat. He looked like G.I. Joe. It was so cool to sit and watch him walk around in it with his name on one side of the coat and the U.S. Air Force badge on the other. I wanted to wear that uniform so bad. Ten Years later I found myself in a predicament. The Air Force would not let me join cause I was only seventeen! I thought well screw them then! I was so mad; I wanted Jericho Road East Side Expansion Gets the Green Light leave for basic that summer! Then I got a call from a U.S. Army recruiter. He said, “Did you know that in the Army we can pay for 75% of your college, give you money and you can leave this summer…if your intense enough…” January 11th 2001, I signed my name about 80 times and BAM I was now enlisted in the U.S. Army. That sounded so cool; a Soldier in the U.S. Army. My dad was so proud, but my mom on the other hand said no at first. She was like “Why don’t you wait a year and join the Air Force. It’s less dangerous then being in the Army, and you sleep in motels instead of tents when you go places”. Moms are crazy like that. Who cares if I sleep in a tent! She just didn’t want to see her baby boy Why Gartner thinks brands are too uptight about strategy the house so soon Indigenous guardians reclaim the land 9 weeks in Military Training. You know, the whole “growing up too fast” thing. That was my mom. Before I knew it I had completed my junior year of High School, and 3 days later on May 18th 2001, I was on a plane headed for Fort Jackson South Carolina. Everyone told me that Ft. Jackson was referred to as “Relaxing Jackson”. Maybe in some Companies but not Delta 3/13 Infantry Regiment!!! It was no vacation. I was so freaken scared! I was in a cold sweat in 107-degree temperature weather. We had three Drill Sergeants; DS Tapao, DS Barbery and DS Monroe (DS Monroe was a female, and id like to point out that the female DS’s are about 100 times worse then the males…). Natural.

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