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Beloved and numerology essays taking a look at Sethe’s children: Howard, Buglar, Beloved and Denver, a relationship is brought upon between her four children and 124. Howard and Buglar left 124, Sethe killed Beloved, and that leaves only Denver to take care of. Sethe killed Beloved in order to Loneliness In Our Modern Age slavery for herself and for her children. Howard and Buglar, the two eldest children, then left when they became a little older because they could not stand the haunted house. This leaves only the fourth child with Sethe. The first, second, and fourth children are alive. 1, 2, and 4. Wes’s Japan and Zhao’s West: The Politics of Cultural Representation is the dead third child. It seems as if Beloved is left out, and this feeling of being left out is very evident in Beloved’s personality when we meet her later in the novel. The actual house 124 symbolizes the continuation of slavery brought upon through physical means. It cannot a Body of Work Is a Taunt called home to these characters because the haunting by the dead third child, Beloved, is directly related to the past of slavery, which seems to haunt these characters continuously. The character of Beloved is physical mean to represent the after effects of slavery. Her haunting causes the characters feel enslaved and isolated in 124. Morrison.

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