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Monday, August 06, 2018 2:13:38 AM

Decalogue essays The Decalogue part one is deals with the first commandment “I am the Lord your God you shall not have any other God’s besides me. This commandment has to do a great deal with the first part of the Decalogue that we saw. In first part Pawel father becomes a little obsessed with the computer. A machine which he believes is infallible. The Decalogue part 1 begins when Pawel asks his father the question How do people die? Essay on Let the debate rage: Was Jimmie Johnson too aggressive in going for the win? father and his Aunt Irena answers differ greatly. The father explains that a person dies when the heart stops pumping, then it is like a chain reaction and all the other organs stop functioning as well. The father also clearly stated that the only that is left is the memory of the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wants to define “healthy” and “natural”. There is no soul. Mean while Pawls aunt believes something completely different from that of his father. One day while in his aunt’s house she shows Pawel a picture of the pope. She believes that when you die there is a soul and that is what’s left. Irena life becomes brighter with helping people. She also explains to Pawel that life is a present and God is very simple if you but They Are Coming After Me faith and believe. It is winter Pawel, anxious to try out his new pair of skates, asks his father if he can go out to the local pond which has just frozen over. They go over and consult the computer; the computer says that the ice will hold the Pawel’s weight; he can go. Next thing you know Pawel doesn't come home. The ice had thaw; the computer was wrong; Pawel drowned. Pawel’s daughter then runs to the church in protest and despair. He falls against the altar; candle wax then splashes over the face of the black Madonna and dries on her cheeks as tears. This Decalogue relates the first commandment because Pawel’s father is a scientist who puts his faith in science and logic to govern daily life. Pawel’s father believes in measurement. He truly believes that everything can be measured. Unfortunately he believing that e.

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