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Monday, August 06, 2018 5:45:28 PM

Diversity essays What does the word diversity essay examples Noah Centineo Acts Out 19 Emotions | Glamour A simple definition of diversity means differences. Diversity does not only mean differences between the Black population and the White population. Diversity speaks to differences among culture, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation of all people to name a few. To function in our changing world, I think it is important to have an understanding and appreciation of diversity. Some people talk about having tolerance, but I think it is more important for people to have an appreciation. Tolerance means to put up with something that is bothersome. It would be great if everybody could be aware of our differences and learn to appreciate others for who they are. Some simple examples of diversity in a positive manner include, joining some groups or organizations, meeting people in class or at work, or just saying “hello” to someone that looks inviting could be the beginning of a new friendship. If you are attending college, there are many different groups and organizations that are available for you to join. It could be of a sport of a different culture, a group of a different race, or just a place for you to meet some new people. When you start your classes at college or essay on Fed Chair Powell Sees Remarkably Positive Set of Economic Circumstances you begin work at a new place, you will find that there are all kinds of different people. If you are open to these differences then you will be able to meet some interesting people, and maybe even someone that thinks just like you but looks just opposite. Another way is if you are walking down the hallway and there is someone standing in the hall, there is nothing wrong with saying “hello” to that person. The only thing that can result from this is that they don’t want to speak and turn away or they are as interested in you, and you have a wonderful conversation. There is also diversity that is portrayed in a negative manner. Have you ever gone to church, the church that you usually go to is Roman Catholi.

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