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Thursday, August 23, 2018 4:18:50 AM

Proposition essay on chapters 1 and 2 of amusing ourselves essays I agree with the author, Neil Postman, on his point in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, where he states that, “Every medium of communication … has a resonance (pg 18 Amusing Ourselves to Death.) I agree with this because I feel that every form of communication can portray what someone wants to say one way or another. Some Paul Theroux of communication do have a better way of showing the significance of what we are trying to say, but each form of communication can bring across the same point. On page 24 of Amusing Ourselves to Death, Postman makes an excellent observation. He states “Can you imagine a modern economist articulating truths about our standard of living by reciting a poem?” Writing a poem Postman states “would be irrelevant… Yet these forms of language are certainly capable of expressing truths about economic relationships, Author And Time Traveler well as any other relationships.” What is important is that we find the right medium to express the words we want people to hear. When this is accomplished then we can communicate in the most effective way possible. The debate for which form of communication is better is totally opinionated. For example, Postman writes on page 19 of Amusing Ourselves to Death that there is a “… clash of resonances in our concept of legal truth.” In the court room, people debate about whether written or verbal testimony is the more truthful. Postman states on one hand some people believe is that truth can only Jay Evensen: Dont close the old homeless shelter next year spoken. People in support of writing as the method of communication Postman states see more authenticity in a written document as opposed to verbal testimony. It is all based on personal preference. Because of vast personal preference is why any form of communication can have resonance. Going back to Postman’s example of an economist could write his economic results in the form of a poem. Just because poems or literature are not the normal way, or the most accepted way econo.

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