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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 11:23:56 PM

Introduce, discuss and analyze day of infamy: summary of the speech and how it helped alter history essays President Roosevelt's speech was succinct, to the point, and yet emotionally charged. Roosevelt recapped what occurred at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and added information on other Japanese hostilities in the Pacific that occurred on December 7. The Japanese attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor without provocation and without warning. This act of aggression created bitter animosity toward the Japanese, and especially Japanese Americans. The speech was meant to show that Americans would not stand for such hostilities, and that the country was ready to stand up for itself in the face of aggression. Roosevelt's phrase, "a day that will live in infamy" became a battle cry for Americans, and the same phrase was used again after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The speech A scene from a sci-fi movie: what Kim told Trump about their meeting - video a startling effect on the American people. It rallied them around the cause of war, and brought patriotism and strong emotions back to Americans. People were angry about the attacks, and many young men rushed to their local draft boards to enlist to fight the war against Japan and but IAT science is flawed Germany. As men went essay on Claire McCaskill challenger unveils ad condemning Senate circus to war, women began working in the factories at home, and production of planes and ships grew dramatically. The Japanese worried they How Kurt Vonnegut Found His Voice and His Themes "awakened a sleeping giant" with their attack on Hawaii, and this turned out to be the case. The effects of the speech echoed around the world. First, the speech was a notification that other aggressors could not dominate the United States. Second, it acknowledged we were at war with Japan, and it set many things in motion here at home. America geared up to fight a war, and Americans put up with shortages, rationing, black out drills, and many other difficulties associated with fighting a long term war. Another very important result of the speech was the rounding up of Japanese Americans and sending them to live in camps all over the western United States. Today.

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